Rendered cottage using lime plaster.  Hereford

plastering & rendering services

Herefordshire & Gloucestershire

Rendered cottage using lime plaster.  Hereford

Plastering & Rendering services

Residential, commercial & industrial buildings

Commercial & Industrial buildings

Render and Facade systems


For Housing developments, commercial buildings, hospitals and schools.


Our recent projects have included development sites of 27 houses. For multi-house contracts we are able to supply start-to-finish packages including insulating, vapour barriers, plaster boarding and internal plastering. We can include supply and application of coloured renders making the logistics easier for our clients.


We deliver a first rate service which enables us to meet the design and budget requirements of our all our customers, their architects and planners. The render systems and products we use have a guaranteed, long-lasting and quality appearance, adding style and durability to every facade we work on.


We can provide a managed team of up to 10 qualified and experienced plasterers, offering a high level of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.


Plastering and rendering for commercial and industrial buildings


Render Spray Gun

Traditional Plastering

Traditional lime based plastering


Natural lime has been used as a binder in mortars, renders and plasters from as early as 5000BC up right up until the 19th century when Ordinary Portland Cement was introduced.


There are benefits of using natural lime on older property walls which are traditionally covered with a lime-based plaster allowing stone and brick walls to breathe and flex whilst providing insulation from cold and damp. The process involves numerous layers of lime plaster which takes longer to dry out until the optimum thickness and durability is achieved. Being considerably more labour intensive than modern plastering methods traditional lime can prove to be an expensive option.


We are always happy to discuss the differences and suitability of traditional lime plastering versus a more modern technique explaining the way we can bridge the gap between old and new plastering methods.

Traditional lime based plastering for renovations and listed buildings



A modern alternative

Limelite plaster


Mike Schranz uses Tarmac's Limelite which is a blend of cement, lime and a lightweight mineral aggregate, which dries out quickly and naturally, provides good insulating qualities and a traditional finish.

Limelite is an excellent modern alternative to the traditional lime based plaster which tends to be more labour intensive and takes longer to complete.


Limelite is ideal for:

  • Renovation projects
  • Listed buildings
  • Heritage properties
  • Barn conversions

Limelite works with the fabric of a building - letting walls breathe and provides a high quality, durable finish which will protect your property without having to worry about recurring damp and mould.


Renovation in progress (Brockweir)

Domestic properties

We undertake work in occupied homes and organise everything from start to finish - from removal of worn and damaged internal plasterwork and weather damaged external render.


Our quotes include supplying of scaffolding, removals of all waste, and provision of new and warrantied work. Our team of plasterers are conscious that families and home owners need clean, careful and tidy workmanship, especially when working around finished pathways, drives and gardens.


Our quotes are priced per square meter - not day rates which can be subject to change. This ensures our clients, whether domestic or commercial can budget accurately.


Parex Systems


Michael Schranz Ltd is a registered applicator for PAREX Render Systems and Façade Solutions. Where the PAREX system is used a 10 Year Guarantee is provided on completion.


The PAREX 10 Year Material Design and Defects Guarantee includes:


  • Protection against any failure in the system caused by defective material components.
  • Provided on all PAREX supplied render materials
  • Any damage to the system must be repaired by a PAREX registered application company and installed in accordance with the recommendations and details set out in the PAREX Commercial and Repair Manual, using PAREX manufactured materials or approved materials when part of a render system.
  • PAREX must approve any repairs prior to commencement.
  • PAREX must be advised of any defects as soon as they become known about, first by telephone and then confirmed in writing. Failure to report a defect may result in the warranty being null and void.
  • Should an inspection be required at any time PAREX will require free and safe access to the property and/or defective area to be provided by the property owner.

Contact Mike Schranz on 07531 750376 for more information.


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Traditional lime based plastering for renovations and listed buildings




Renovation in progress (Brockweir)


Contact Mike Schranz on 07531 750376 for plastering and rendering enquiries.
During working hours you may reach voice-mail.
Please leave your name and your phone number and we will get back to you ASAP.



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